A Guide to Motorcycle Safety Gear and Clothes

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Motorcycle riding is an awesome hobby and sport as well for those who like speed and ready to take risk of their life. You must have seen how cool those professional Grand Prix motorcycle racing tournament looks like. Now a days, people used to ride with rallies or groups to a long way to enjoy their weekend. But at any instance, this speed can take you to the last breathe of your life. So, it is very crucial to wear appropriate gears while riding a motorcycle. Even in professional motorcycle riding or while having fun, most people are now following the trend of wearing at least basic motorcycle clothes.

motorcycle safety

The basic safety gears and motorcycle clothes required are listed below with the importance of their existence.

Helmet: First and foremost, helmet is the main safety equipment for a motorcycle lover. Protecting your skull and your brains are as important as respiration for living. Just a minor injury on skull might cause a prolonged damage to your neural system. Helmets can give you a dashing look also, if it is matching the color of your Motorcycle and clothes. Make sure, while purchasing a helmet, that its size is appropriate according to your personality and fit. Additionally, ensure that the helmet you are wearing is certified by the traffic authorities of your area.

Leather jacket: The reason of its importance is that it cover a large part of your upper body. And this also makes the reason of buying a good quality leather jacket. A jacket inmotorcycle clothing comes in many variations like ventilated summer wear and armored race gear. Your motto should be to choose the correct size for you and material of the leather. Once you encounter with an accident, only your jacket will help keeping the skin over your body.

Gloves: Another necessary stuff in the package of motorcycle clothes is gloves. It is the human tendency to protect ourselves by hands while falling. So, you must have the great pair of padded gloves in your motorcycle clothes collection for the unfortunate times. It will protect your palms, knuckles and fingers while falling off. Also from the winters as well. And the plus point of gloves are that they give you a better appearance.

Pants: Just like a leather jacket, pants are going to save skin of your lower body. So don’t feel lazy while choosing one with your other motorcycle clothes. Some of them are padded over knees to protect your knee caps. And usually preferred with perfect fitting.

Boots: One should also consider protecting their ankles, feet and shin while going top speed. People used to wear anything that is comfortable in their feet but that is not. From a street motorcycle racer to a traditional cruise motorcycle rider, protecting of legs below shin is important. Also, it is recommended that while riding your feet should be firmly placed on the pegs. So try to find some cool funky but tough pair of boots (spryshoes.com) for your riding adventure.

So, check the list of your motorcycle clothes and once you have all these, have fun.