Agni Motors TTXGP race Bike sets new standard at Spa Francorchamps

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Didier de Radiguès, a former Moto GP rider and TV commentator tested the Agni Bike on the famous Spa circuit this week. His time was 2:59.8 which was a fantastic achievement as track was not fully race ready, and the lap was about 10 seconds slower then would have been had the track been fully prepped.

Agni Motors TTXGP

The Electric bikes performance was a triumph and proved that going green doesn’t mean moving slow! “I hope my record falls quickly so that I can come and chase it again. The thrill is always in the chase and, of course, the winning.” Didier de Radiguès on riding the Agni bike on the Spa Circuit.

It was not the first time Didier had ridden an electric superbike; he also tested the Prototype bike The Mavizen TTX01 developed by Mavizen at Circuit Zolder in April “When I first rode the TTX01, even though it was early prototype I was surprised at how fast and how complete it felt. I touched the ground on the bends and enjoyed the smoothness of the ride. The Agni bike improved this with sensation of floating around the corners and without a heavy fuel tank, had an incredibly agile feel in the bends. I am looking forward to the TTX02 and its motorsport focused performance.”

For would be racing teams the news is good, Agni Motors have teamed up with Mavizen to produce replica race bikes the TTX02, to make entry in the zero carbon clean emission egrandprix that much easier. Azhar Hussain, founder of TTXGP commented “Potential teams now have an easy and effective way to enter the TTXGP Championships. The TTX02 gives potential participants a chance to acquire a proven platform that they can develop themselves to make it competitive and unique to them. Racing is brutal but at least with the Mavizen TTX02, the racers can start with proven platform.”

Arvind Rabadia team leader and founder of Agni Motors said “We are proud to have won the TTXGP on the Isle of Man and proved the quality and performance of the Agni motor. This new partnership with Mavizen is an exciting venture; One that will deliver a formidable and proven racing machine to the market to help teams join the race.”

Mavizen TTX02 will be available for delivery in Q1/2010 with a strictly limited production of 50 units. To register your interest please log onto To view the bike action come along and see the demonstrations at Nurburgring on the 5 and 6th September or back in the UK at the science museums festival of speed on the 12th and 13th September.

About TTXGP, The eGrandPrix
TTXGP is the world’s first low-carbon sanctioned motorsport event, which was held on the Isle of Man TT course on June 12, 2009 as part of the traditional TT race programme. 16 Motorbikes from six different countries, including the USA, India, Germany, Austria, UK and the Isle of Man took part in the race.

TTXGP is developing global programme of low-carbon events that provide a platform for competition to drive technology and innovation into the next generation of motorsports.

About Mavizen:
Mavizen provides services and products to support zero carbon motorsports. The TTX02 is the first product to be released to the market in support of the TTXGP. In November 2008, Mavizen unveiled the TTX01 at the International Bike Show in Birmingham pushing innovation in the market place and raising the awareness of the Zero Carbon Motorsports.

With the proven platform of the Agni TTXGP winning machine Mavizen will produce the world’s first production all electric super sports racing machine. Using about a fifth of the energy traditional combustion motorsport engine whilst losing none of the thrills and excitement, the TTX02 shows that green doesn’t mean slow.

The Mavizen TTX02 is expected to be ready for delivery by Q1/2010. Priced at approx £25,000, it will be eligible for entire TTXGP racing calendar in 2010.

About Didier de Radiguès
Didier de Radiguès (born March 27, 1958) is a Belgian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and racing driver. He made his motorcycle Grand Prix debut in 1979, racing in the 500cc class. His best year was in 1982 when he won two races and finished second to Anton Mang in the 350cc world championship. He rode for the Yamaha factory racing team in 1988 as a team-mate to Eddie Lawson and ended his career with the Suzuki team in 1991 as Kevin Schwantz’ team-mate. He had 4 Grand Prix wins during his career as well as the 1991 Macau Grand Prix, a non-championship event.

Further information:
For more information, imagery and video footage, and/or to arrange an interview with any of the teams or TTXGP founder, Azhar Hussain, please email