Catavolt announces rider for Speed Week 2011

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It seems that the new converted Daelim bike is attracting a lot of attention in the race circuits as Aussie racer, Jake Dolan looks set to become the pilot for the speed trials at Lake Gairnder in March 2011.

Jake is trading his Superstock GSX-R 600 for a try at breaking the Land Speed record onboard the Catavolt electric motorcycle.

This year the Catavlolt team will be returning to the Speed Week circuit with the intention of beating their standing record of 177km/h on the salt. To take on the challenge Jake and the team will be travelling the 1500km journey into the heartland of South Australia. Having an experienced Superstock racer on board will give the team a great chance in this amazing land speed challenge.

Jake Dolan is looking forward to the event and had this to say; “I am so keen to set another World Record to add to my scooter racing achievement. The thought of being the first to do 200 mph (322 kph) on an electric motorcycle is very exciting. This growing sector of motorsport is a very topical subject. To be known as the world’s fastest rider and first ever to 200 mph on electric power will be a real a real boost to my race career.”

He added: “I only really heard about such racing since the movie ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ came out and since then it has always been something I have wanted to do. My ambition is to race in World Superbikes and MotoGP and I hope that this result will help people to know my name and attract sponsors. Jon Eggenhuizen (Team Catavolt) self funds the entire land speed effort with some peripheral help and it would be great to see him pick up a sponsor to help him develop even faster bikes and maybe a range for commercial sale as transport.”

“I am hoping that a great result at Lake Gairdner will benefit the both of us.”