eVFR LCD guage cluster

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Initially my┬ádesign was going to incorporate a PDA as a dash. That was before the controller went USB. Now that the controller’s communication protocol has changed, it complicated the interface to a PDA without USB (No USB HOST on PDA’s). Thats when I started to look at other solutions.

I found a few WinCE based devices that were fairly priced, but they ran CE, had no enclosure, no battery backup, no memory and weren’t from proven manufacturers. A couple people at Synkromotive mentioned the Asus EEE pc. Its a small laptop device that has solid state memory, wifi, sd card slot, USB and a 7″ LCD that can be modified to have a touch interface.

So I bought one and started working with Ives and Josh on building a dashboard. My goal is to have something like the dashboard Intel used on an Orange County Chopper:

Ives has gotten alot done with the charging system as well, and should be fully operational (and integrated with the controller) in the coming weeks. The Asus should be able to display all my battery pack stats, as well as controller stats. I’ll build a watertight enclosure with a hinged lid, and only use the touchscreen for configuration. It should be ok in the sun because its under the windscreen and will likely have a small visor over the screen.

Loni and I are working on getting the new batteries installed into the frame. We took the scrapped frame, and built a little jig so we can work on a table for sizing the battery trays. With the knowledge we have now, it shouldn’t take but a few weeks to finish installation. We’re also redoing the motormount in steel while minimizing the material we use. The old batteries, battery tray and motor mount will be transferred to the other motorcycle, which wDe’ll use for testing. We’ll take the motor from the go-kart and transfer it to eVFR v2.0, and give the go-kart to my cousin.

So our goal for the next month is to have the eVFR v1.0 fully functional with a charging system, display, controller and a low voltage system in place. I’m going to work on getting the fairings painted as well. I ordered a fiberglass rear fairing (already have fiberglass upper and lowers), and need to get it to paint.